Thank you for your interest in purchasing NetSarang Computer, Inc. Software. Users in China are unable to purchase directly from NetSarang Computer, Inc. To make a purchase, please contact our Exclusive Distributor in China. Their information can be found below.

Wuxi C&J Software Co., LTD.

Wuxi C&J Software Co., Ltd. is the largest professional software publisher located in Suzhou, China and is dedicated to bringing global software and technologies to the rapidly expanding Chinese market. On behalf of NetSarang Computer, Inc., Wuxi C&J  Software Co., Ltd. provides the following services for users in China:

  • Sales and related inquiries (pricing, quotations, invoicing, etc.)
  • After sales support
  • Intellectual property protection (license compliance, removing cracked software, etc.)

South China

Name 庄敏 Curry
Address Unit 2005 No. 35 East San Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Zipcode 510630
Homepage http://www.xshellcn.com/
Email curry.zhuang@makeding.com
Phone 18262331493
Fax +86-0512-69320132

Non South China

Name 陈强 David
Address G1-406, China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, No. 200 Linghu Avenue
Homepage http://www.xshellcn.com/
Email david.chen@makeding.com
Phone 18012612222
Fax +86-512-69320132